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The Seine flows directly through the center of Paris, essentially cutting the city in half and creating the famous rive gauche "left bank" and rive droite "right bank" sections. There are many sights to be seen while cruising through Paris on the Seine aboard your own boat.


Aboard a 24-meter "Tjalk" barge owned by an American couple; they had recently cruised south from the Netherlands and are shown here on the Seine, southeast of Ile St Louis, approaching Cathedral Notre Dame.



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EuroCanals Guide: Cruising the Seine and the Canals of Paris

Seine river

Ahead is Pont Neuf, the “new bridge”, actually the oldest bridge still standing over the Seine in Paris. The bridge was completed under the reign of Henry IV, who inaugurated it in 1607.

“L’ensemble du réseau fluvial de la Ville de Paris est librement accessible à tous bateaux de plaisance motorisés, identifiables par une devise ou un numéro d’immatriculation".

That is the policy of the city of Paris, referring to the canals which they own and manage, Canal St-Denis and Canal St-Martin, and to the ports which are located on those canals:

“The entire river system of the City of Paris is freely available to all motorized pleasure craft, identified by a device or registration number.”

You are, however, required to have a VHF radio and to monitor channel 20.